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Vehicle Safety

All your vehicles are handled with care

As always said, Gofer Tow prefers to keep up the promise of their clients. Our towing system and facilities are well built with care and safety measures to transport your vehicle from tow point to help point.

Being Informative

Quick Service
With the help of the navigation system on the Gofer Tow app, the tow driver will be able to find the customer’s location easily and provides you with point to point service.

Open Requests
All we respect is equality, and hence all the ride requests are blindly matched with the nearby available tow driver. So, there is no discrimination based on race or gender.

Driver Details
The complete tow driver and tow vehicle details along with photo are shared with the customer to ensure safe and secure towing service.

Vehicle Transportation

Point to point vehicle towing services

Vehicle’s safety
We ensure the vehicle is handled with care during the transportation from one point to the destination with our extraordinary towing facilities.

Vehicle’s navigation
The vehicle’s minute to minute navigation is updated in the Gofer Tow app till it reaches the destination.

Rating and Review system

We value your feedback and it helps us reach heights

Anonymous feedback
After the tow service , the customer has the freedom to rate and review the tow driver and towing service in an anonymous way.

24/7 help and support
Our help and support team is always ready to respond to queries you have related to our towing services.

Quick response team
We facilitate you with a quick response team in case any accidental emergencies around the hour of tow service to handle urgent requirements.

“I travel late at night for several reasons and I can understand how safeguarded we are while there is a Gofer Tow, like towing service app to rescue if stranded.”

Customer from Portland

Extraordinary features

Digitization used efficiently

Confidential Contacts

All the phone contacts from the clients are maintained confidentially for safe and secure purposes.

Navigation systems

With a well built and user friendly navigation system, our Gofer Tow drivers can reach the client at the right time for towing services.

Legalized system

In cases where local law enforcement provides us with a valid legal process, we provide them with useful information to help with investigations.

Vehicle safety tips

How safe is your vehicle with Gofer Tow?

We have binded with law enforcement to ensure the safety of the vehicle while towing. It clearly states how well built is our Gofer Tow.

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